Application process
Our philosophy is to provide owners with professional management and to handle all property concerns as if they were our own. Our goal is to provide our customers with the very best in property management.

Application qualification guidelines:

Qualifying for one of our properties is collectively based on the following:

Good credit history (based on credit report details and FICO score)
Total Combined Income must be approximately 3 times the monthly rent
Verifiable Residency
No evictions. If any please ad brief explanation and we will consider it on case by case basis
Proper notice to vacate at current and previous residence
No funds owed to prior rental
Provide the minimum required Tenant Liability or Renter Insurance

*If an applicant has insufficient application qualifications a co-signer or extra security deposit may be required. The co-signer must meet all of the above criteria and complete and application. Acceptance of the Co-signer is subject to approval by the property owner.

Checklist for applicants

Applicants must fill out and sign the online application or WPG Rental Application as soon as possible and do not leave any blanks. They have to provide copies of verifiable income, pay stubs, bank statements, social security statements, and letters from employers, etc. Once approved a cashier's check or money order made payable to Washington Property Group is sent or deposited.

Non-refundable Application Fee is $50.00. An application is required for all occupants over the age of 18

Approval process

Once approved, Tenants are notified by phone, text message or email. In order for us to hold the unit for them and remove it from the rental market, we require a holding deposit within (1) business day of the approval. The holding deposit will be equal to the amount of the security deposit. If they decide to cancel for any reason, they may forfeit all or a portion of the deposit in lieu of market time lost and leasing efforts. At the time of receiving the holding deposit, we will coordinate the signing of the lease and the date of transfer of possession with the Tenants.
If denied, they will be notified in writing or via email. Residents must have an email address and will be required to electronically sign the lease. tenants must sign lease up/to 24 hours after the lease is sent.

Our goal

Move-in funds policy

Cash will only be accepted for application fees. Security Deposit and First Month’s rent must be paid in certified funds. Certified Funds are money orders or cashier’s checks. All payments are payable to Washington Property Group. Tenants may begin using personal checks after initial move- in funds are received, in accordance with the terms of the lease.

Proof of Tenant Liability or Renter Insurance is recommended at move in. Please note: All residents must be listed on any provided renter insurance, as well as WPG added as additional interest for it to be considered valid and no charges to apply.


Have a friend or a family member looking for a management company or listing agent for their rental?

We work hard to provide excellent services to all of our clients. We appreciate your referrals very much and gladly pay a referral fee to any client whose referral's lead to a new management contract or executed lease for one of our vacant rental listings.

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