Unless specifically advertised as a vacation or short term rental all rentals are for 1+ year terms.

Unfortunately the application process includes real costs and burdens such as credit checks and criminal checks. The application fees are mandatory for all persons over the age of 18 who will be residing on the premises. The application fee partially defrays the cost and burden of the screening process.

We work off a set of criteria that helps determine your risk for default on your rental obligations.  Things like credit score, past rental history, eviction history, reliability of current income and income level, certain criminal convictions among other factors lead to the determination of the amount of security deposit required.

Each property has a different pet policy, the rental ad should state if pets are allowed and if so what kind. If you have additional questions regarding a pet policy for a particular apartment please contact your leasing agent or call our office for assistance.

You may paint the walls of the apartments a color of your choosing so as long as it is painted in a professional manner,  back to the original color prior to move out. Other alterations or improvements must not be started unless you receive implicit written permission from the landlord.

Typically we charge a 2 month early termination fee in addition to any outstanding balance you may have at the time of move out and any fees from tenant damages found in the apartment after move out.

Typically we allow two adults per room maximum per apartment.

Typically the tenant will be responsible for all utilities and services. Some properties include water and some do not. Utilities such as electric, gas if so equipped, internet, cable, trash, phone, and others are the responsibility of the tenant to hook up and pay for use every month.

The common area dumpsters are not to be used for anything other than typical residential trash that must easily fit into a common trash bag. If other items are deposed of on the property or in or around the dumpster you will be subject to fines as found in the lease agreement.

First you must seek out the regulatory statues from municipal codes to find out if your proposed use is allowed in the building. Once you have proof that it would be approved by the City or municipal authorities it then must be approved in writing by the landlord. If approved by the landlord a copy of licenses, insurance policies and detailed description of the business must be provided to the landlord prior to commencement of the business.

You are an adult, we ask that you try to solve these issues on your own at first in a professional and courteous manner. If possible keep a record in writing of what contact you have tried to make with the offending party. If after a few attempts to resolve the issue it still remains please contact us so we can give out the proper notices and warnings. Remember if you ever have an emergency to dial 911 to let the proper authorities help resolve the issue.

Yes you should always get renters insurance anytime you rent. The landlord does not provide any insurance for your personal belongings or possessions. Renters insurance is usually very affordable and easy to obtain.

Yes, we strongly suggest to have a renters liability insurance policy of at least $100,000 in coverage. This insurance protects you from damage you or your guests might inadvertently cause to the property. It protects you from liability claims of damage and is required for our rentals. This policy is often bundled with renters insurance for a very affordable price.

Always call 911 first for any emergency. The life and safety of tenants comes first and must be of top priority.